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A Hope Not Forgotten - Deliverance Lyrics

You deciever, you liar
You think you're better then me?
This cause is so much greater
Then you could ever be

You will never own me
I will never let you bring me down
This is the start of a revolution
And it's where I'm supposed to be

Although your words sound tempting
And the world is what you promised me
I know you're just a coward
And you'll be crushed underneath my feet

You know nothing
You have nothing
You are nothing
You hold no strength

And as we carry hope in our hearts
This is a stand for something greater then ourselves
And as we walk down this narrow path
He will deliver us

We are rising stronger and stronger everyday
We are fighting for the solution to all this pain
And overcome hardships in our way
For no one is greater then Yahweh

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