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Dark Flood - Archetype's Aspect Lyrics

Is there a method to this madness Would it make any difference at all Just a moratorium before this aspect Turns to nothing more than the frivolous cries Of all those who couldn't follow the call The same mirage as from afar The hypocrites line up for all time Garrulous horde marching on and in unison go We're just a number on our way to the gallows of fall Take this picture to the heart Masquerade coming apart Just as sparrows high and far Freedom is just another farce The human way of ignoring it all Visceral thoughts leading the cattle home Give this vision a somber sigh Resolve the madness eye to eye Give this vision a somber sigh Take your time and realize It's just another lie Give this vision a somber sigh Resolve the madness eye to eye Take your time and realize They're just another lie Contradictions and misconceptions Shining as a beacon to dull the mind An epoch to lead the blind Into a mindless archetype

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