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Dark Mırror Ov Tragedy - Angel's Ascension Lyrics

The tears which sheds at that day Was flowing river that brim over with my sadness The breath which spits out at that day Was blown wind that get wrapped up despair Time of a forgetfulness where the only vanity fills full Roaming inside an exile about from place to place Confined what why thus me Already i fill a glass of my self Drink in celebration of my shadows alone My eyes have lost the focus Cursed my own glory inside itself It losing it's sight as a fantasy of future in the dark mirror The sad soul in crying deeply inside Lost of my hearing as a whisper of desire I was not audible even if the voice of the angel You said that is the true life A get injured shape reflected in the broken dark mirror Does it actually prove my existence We large catch live in what I'm continuously the same place whirling A gaze amidst the dark mirror breaks scans being cut A heaven's soul my angel I'm waiting on promised hill thus In this place but will collapse at once in my exclamation A heaven's soul my angel I throw away our promises finally I throw away myself into this left place A heaven's soul my angel That place does not exist in me anymore Where you'll come to see His hill disappears like that With the exclamation of despair Only one soul flew Thus his heaven shut like that With like gray light fantasy of bygone day Only one stem light ascended

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