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Dark Mırror Ov Tragedy - Ashen Requiem, A Dirgeful Grace Lyrics

Staring at the foggy night sky To placate my hollow soul Tried to conceal grief Tragic memories strikes back with tears Lost my will to live So desperate Pain deep filled inside This scars never healed Searching for constellations which is nowhere to be seen For hopes of putting this sadness to sleep But you still haunts in my tear-smudged vision Your your your voice echoing in my ear As i look at the your ashes slowly disappearing from my hands I remember the times we used to have together Can't bring back those who shared ours You are live in every breathe of mine Every beating heart you just still in Yet i haven't settle Our days are buried in ephemeral time While i walk stagger to keep your promise Standing on this vast earth The vigor to devour everything in sight Filled with some unknown fury Helps me struggle to step ahead

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