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Dark Mırror Ov Tragedy - Blood Embracing Stigma Lyrics

Walking through the endless dark tunnel Vengeance gathering in me piece by piece To become one in whole Is this the dead end to where my soul has been dragged by a mystic light Living memories being torn away raped away This bloody stigma cursing me curses my existence If this endless curse could be replaced by my wretched memories This strengthless filthy corpse of mine A struggling will from within My body and stolen memories filled with pain and hate Might burn into ashes might be lost in oblivion Still raging i will be until the time comes For it is my will Never felt the warmth nor truth in this world I who refused all those hypocrite smiles and promises full of lies I who lived in darkness you dare to give me the light Are you an enemy or fellow nevermind for it's too late now Bless is to be found in the place i was born in hell

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