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Dark Mırror Ov Tragedy - Mournful Death To Everyone Lyrics

Your song wiped the trace of tears but it made a river of agony Your song washed the scar of madness but it made a pond of solitude In the fog my face was wet Flood ran through my feet This song that you sang It burned into my skin all along The chant that you tuned It fixed on dark and deep inside Sometimes constant rain that you sang had looked like your fading breath It seemed to be a sob from birds of a distant mountain So i was agonizing but i was not broken Grotesque from yearning it made me a bloody one The rain made heat haze on your shoulder The rain made something shimmers beside you Grabbing your hands froze hard at last They reminded me that you were a phantom Now i can't feel your rain Although my eyes my ears open And my body doesn't harden I can't feel your rain It just rains on memories As if it only snows on the reminiscence in desert It just rains on memories Before left Please let me forget you I restrained you with faded remembrance decayed chain of yearnings And i broke myself With my sorrow my pain my solitude Your traces made the pool of rain And raindrops confused surface of the pool recalled pieces of echoes I just followed raindrops on the surface of your traces To escaping you My body melted down by scars of rain's touch Also as the rain that you sang It sang a low song with shedding blood As the rain that you sang In solitude my afflicting monologue went on Let me have eyes only for you again To be swayed by my sorrow on the road to ruin To be afraid by my anguish on the road to ruin If i forget you If i erase the memory If i tear my passion into shreds I will dance with bloody scream

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